Review: Arkhitekt – Untitled

Posted: March 11, 2017 in Reviews
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Arkhitekt - Untitled

The collapsing nihilism of Arkhitekt must be deliberately. There’s no way that it is an accident that a band named for someone who creates buildings could be so rooted in the decay and collapse of them. Dedicated to the failure of man’s creations, Arkhitekt have a new record out this year, but this is their untitled debut EP, brought to us by Blackened Death Records.

Opener ‘And So We Destroyed Everything…’ is a looming monster; a force of darkness crawling across the landscape tearing everything down around it. All encompassing void follows it, with eldritch shrieks and growls howling from within. It is the voice of decay. ‘Blackened Bones’ feels like the boot, grinding existence into dust. Liek some kind of extra galactic beast coming to destroy us, Arkhitekt are uncomfortably dense and bleak.

Closing with the contemplative but equally menacing ‘Extinction’, Arkhitekt bring you to the edge of desolation, leaving you staring breathlessly at a destroyed world of decay. Then you are pushed over the edge and left to fall into nothingness. Awesomely nihilistic.


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