Review: Mutilator – Immortal Force

Posted: March 8, 2017 in ALERT: Awesome new music, Reviews
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The rerelease of Brazilian thrashers Mutilator’s 1987 record ‘Immortal Force’ allows me to comes across a band I’ve never heard of before. Invariably, these kind of ‘legendary’ bands are ones that have been and gone for a number of years, and their records get lost to time. Thankfully, Greyhaze Records are bringing us this slab of 80s South American riff worship, out now on CD and LP.

Opener ‘Memorial Stone Without a Name’ is a relentless rampage through some of the finest raw thrash that the South American continent has brought us. You can feel their kinship with fellow countrymen Sepultura, particularly the latter’s ‘Schizophrenia’ record. The crazed thrashing of the excellent ‘War Dog’s is a riff lover’s wet dream, while the relentless battering of the title track reaches a perfect crescendo with its Kerry King-esque solo. This record is 30 years old, and still beats the shit out of some of the more modern blackened thrash out today.

There’s many things you can say about these ‘lost classics’, but the most important thing about ‘Immortal Force’ for me is the sheer energy and enthusiasm for a genre that has grown into a bloated, sometimes boring mess. There are still plenty of possibilities within thrash to make something this damn good, and hopefully this gem will spawn us some more good bands again!


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