Review: Hunger Moon – Hunger Moon

Posted: March 8, 2017 in Reviews
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Despite this very black metal cover, Hunger Moon are much more doom than you. In fact, quite death/doom but without the monolithic song structures. Their self titled EP is on now through Bandcamp, and is five crushing tracks of rumbling intensity.

Opener ‘Transcending’ has some grand, swaying Candlemass riffs while a guttural roar fills the air. While not as miserable as a lot of doom, this definitely possesses some atmospheres of greyness, and while the music isn’t the most original stuff you’ll come across, the likes of ‘Blackhole Queen’ and the storming ‘Link of Worlds’ have some cool moments in them. The former’s changes in vocal styles helps add a bit of uniqueness into their delivery, along with the melancholic crush of the last minutes.

The title track’s howling melodies brings to mind a little post metal, but the fervent stomp of the rest of the album is rooted squarely in doom and death metal. Hunger Moon have made a nice little start here on this EP, but I think if they can pick one direction and stick on it, they’ll carve out more of an identity. Still pretty good stuff though.


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