Review: Death of Kings – Hell Comes to Life

Posted: March 8, 2017 in Reviews
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Atlanta, GA’s old school thrashers Death of Kings are putting out their full length debut this year on Boris Records, and to whet our appetites a little they’re dropping this two track 7″ vinyl single at the end of March entitled ‘Hell Comes to Life’. This is resolutely old fashioned thrash and heavy metal mixing with potent results.

With the flesh tearing opening to the title track, you straight away can feel the influence of genre luminaries like Exodus and Testament, shot through with a pure dose of liquid riff. Spiralling solos wail over awesome galloping riffs in this salute to old school values. It’s fast, it’s fluid and it’s fucking great. Same can be said for the second track ‘Hell Patrol’, a turbo charged Judas Priest classic that benefits greatly from a gnarly thrash coating.

Death of Kings is going to blow up this year, if this EP is anything to go on. The musicianship is top notch and their grasp of what made old school thrash and metal great is spot on. Grab a hold of this band and don’t let go!


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