Review: Entity of Hate – Cursed for Eternity

Posted: March 2, 2017 in Reviews
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Atmospheric blackened death metal from a member of Indian black metallers Diabolus Arcanium is the state of play with Entity of Hate and their new EP ‘Cursed by Eternity’. It’s an intricate and self assured debut, that brings to mind both Cradle of Filth and Wintersun, minus all the associated orchestral burden!

Opener ‘Cursed for Eternity’ has some great, flowing guitar leads and keyboard enhanced riffs are both eerie and catchy as hell. Vocally it is relatively basic, but it works with the kind of gothic vibe that builds with the atmospheres. Wonderful riffs dominate the insanely good ‘Bloody Lovers & Prey’, that at points feels like a horror film soundtrack overdubbed with heavy metal. The virtuoso guitar work is a big draw to this for me, and it is hard to find this kind of music that doesn’t feel overwrought with grandiose redundancy. Even the synthy instrumental of ‘Bloody Tears (Castlevania)’ doesn’t feel too much.

While defiantly mixing symphonic and cold black metal atmospheres with gallping melodeath isn’t the most obvious mix, the likes of ‘Heart Shaped Dagger’ shows how this kind of extremity can easily include oodles of melody. Entity of Hate are my new favourite band of the moment, and ‘Cursed for Eternity’ is a record that, while short, is full of awesome surprises!

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