Review: Natum Abortus – With the Strength of Sin

Posted: March 1, 2017 in Reviews
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Natum Abortus - With the Strength of Sin

Extremely raw Swedish black metal spliced with noise elements is the name of the game with Natum Abortus, and their debut demo recording ‘With the Strength of Sin’, currently available in limited numbers on cassette from Carvetii Productions. This is fucking nasty shit right here.

Opener ‘From the Blackest Pits of Hell’ is almost ear splittingly intense, with seriously low fi guitar mixing with horrendous shrieking and the same can be said for the murky and ultra raw ‘Satanic Baptism’. It’s like a black hole of noise, dragging you into oblivion all the while the voices of madness claw at your mind. The self titled closer is the real test of sanity though; seven plus minutes of crackling noise, sounding like someone is kneeling on the microphone while the video from the Ring starts playing.

Natum Abortus have created what seems like an endurance at points, where their black metal becomes so raw it is almost too much. If you’re into this kind of ear molesting carnage, then you’ll have a field day with it. Pretty much reinventing the word ‘raw’ for the genre, Natum Abortus are like a black metal stress test, and it ain’t easy to pass.


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