Review: Death Worship – Extermination Mass

Posted: February 27, 2017 in Reviews
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 photo Death Worship cover_zpsxeakzgha.jpg

Made up of current and former members of Revenge, Conqueror and Blasphemy, Death Worship are a terrifying proposition. Their ‘Extermination Mass’ EP is coming out on Nuclear War Now and looks to be probably one of the most savage releases of 2017.

The dust cloud rage of opener ‘Abomination Storm’ is oppressively dense, with brutally fast drumming and savage riffing layered with vomitous vocals, interspersed with a soulless, machine like thud. The waspish thrust of ‘Evocation Chamber’ and the groaning madness of ‘Holocaust Altar’ are new levels of darkness brought to life by this bestial, black metal horde. A relentless, all consuming aura of primal anger consumes each track; frenetic and violent is the path trod here.

Death Worship’s blackened rituals at the altars of chaos have conjured some excellent tunes here, from the brutal ‘Superion Rising’ to the hellacious maelstrom of ‘Desolation Summoning’. Without subjecting us to a tuneless wall of sound, Death Worship manage to squeeze the odd glimpse of melody into the carnage, and it really works. I look forward to more of this; submit to the chaos!

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