Review: Bear Mace – Butchering the Colossus

Posted: February 12, 2017 in Reviews
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Bear Mace - Butchering the Colossus

I already feel like a band whose lyrical themes are listed on Encyclopaedia Metallum as ‘War, Death, Bears’ is going to be for me. Especially when I then learn it is a nasty, Chicago based death metal juggernaut that is reputed as one of the best live acts in the area. So ‘Butchering the Colossus’, let’s have you!

‘Death of a Constellation’ burns with a ferocious Bolt Thrower groove, while the war-infused rumble of ‘Cyclone of Shrapnel’ is pure Hail of Bullets fodder. Bear Mace are powered by a determined old school death metal vibe, taking punishing groove and devastating low end as their weapons and carpet bombing your senses until you’re dead and buried. The title track is a relentless, razorwire killing spree that encompasses almost everything you could want in a death metal record these days.

The simplicity of the execution is the main reason that Bear Mace are such a great proposition. There’s not a lot of technical wankery (although the musicianship is top notch), and the band are not afraid to slow it down to a sickening thunder or speed it to a machine gun pace (see ‘Leave Nothing Here Alive’) whenever it is required. ‘Butchering the Colossus’ is a straight forward, honest to Satan death metal record full of memorable songs and headbanging moments aplenty. And what more do we all really need?!

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