Review: Blood Tyrant – Aristocracy of Twilight

Posted: February 6, 2017 in Reviews
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The outpouring of raw black metal that appears on this debut full length from Blood Tyrant is disturbing considering the amount of chilled out stoned stereotypes you can imagine when thinking of our Dutch friends. But Blood Tyrant have nothing calm about them, prefering instead to summon ancient evil and impart frenzied darkness upon us all.

After the swelling, almost regal horn intro to ‘Dawn of a New Supremacy/Aristocracy of Twlight’, the savagery of the black metal that follows is immediate and jarring. Blood Tyrant plough that deep, Bathorian furrow that reeks of lo-fi, primal black metal. The depressive, melancholic hum of ‘The False Heresy’ is a highlight for me, where a thick ambience envelops frantic, clattering drums and riffage. ‘Aristocracy of Twilight’ is bleak, unforgiving and as black as night.

Atmospheric, eerie and possessed of an ancient spirit, Blood Tyrant have crafted a record that is the bastard spawn of the second wave of black metal, but kept hidden within mossy crevices and left to fester. A barbaric, icy cold assault that bombards your senses and preys upon the blood in your veins, summed up perfectly in the ugly chaos of ‘Clandestine Bloodmists’. ‘Aristocracy of Twilight’ will embrace you in frozen, bony limbs and lead you towards a lonely death. If you let it…



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