Review: Revelations of Rain – Akrasia

Posted: February 1, 2017 in Reviews
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This awesome release has slipped me by entirely until now, and when I have to be reminded to check it out by a friend, I feel bad. The bands of Russia seem to have a talent for epic and intensely miserable death/doom, and Revelations of Rain are no exception. ‘Akrasia’ is the fifth record from these folks, and it is an hour of crushing melancholy.

Opener ‘Altar of Whores’ is a grey, foggy monstrous piece of doom, laced with dashes of My Dying Bride-esque drama and melancholy. Like all good death/doom, ‘Akrasia’ aches with a stunning mix of the slow, grinding riffs and a lonely roar permeates the gloom. Subtle melodies gloss the insides of a track like ‘Scaffold’, and a mournful lurch in the gloriously miserable ‘Root of All Evil’ is a grey, sobering highlight. Revelations of Rain suck all of the best parts of Winter, and Swallow the Sun to create an album that looms in the dark, mysterious and cyclopean in stature.

It’ll be sad if this record disappears under the radar; for fans of crushing doom that positions monstrous roars over vast riffs, ‘Akrasia’ will tick all those boxes. Russia has brought us some great metal recently, and Revelations of Rain is another addition to that. As vast and as cold and bleak as the Siberian forest.


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