Review: Entrapment – Through Realms Unseen

Posted: January 16, 2017 in Reviews
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Dutch death and roll squadron Entrapment dropped their third full length ‘Through Realms Unseen’ upon the world in November last year, and thanks to Pulverised Records we were treated to a slick combination of devastating groove and sickening death metal.

Opener ‘Omission’ sounds like Bolt Thrower churning out some blues in the practice room. An infectious groove powered by serious low end, and a vocal performance that conjures Martin Van Druren or Karl Willetts to a tee. ‘Through Realms Unseen’ is a lesson in how the simplest song structures can easily become the most effective. Nothing here is wildly technical, or even overly original. But what is here is heaviness, brutality and the kind of ear worming grooves and melodies that’ll keep bringing me back.

The powerful ‘Discordant Response’ is full on death metal strength, while a withering Swedeath guitar tone rips you apart in the savage ‘Ruination’. Entrapment’s wielding of classic British death metal riffs and an ugly, Scandinavian venom leaves you breathless at points. For a world that has been left bereft by the loss of Bolt Thrower, Entrapment attempt to fill that void. ‘Through Realms Unseen’ doesn’t quite match up, but few can and this is a record that flexes its mighty riff muscles more than once. I love it!


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