Review: Crurifragium – Beasts of the Temple of Satan

Posted: January 4, 2017 in ALERT: Awesome new music, Reviews
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Crurifragium - Beasts of the Temple of Satan

The debut album of hellfire breathing, Blasphemy worshipping lords of chaos Crurifragium is out at the end of January on Invictus Productions. Like most albums that come out with a black, white and red cover covered in demons, this is a massive torrent of raging hatred.

After the unholy emanations of the intro ‘Behold (Evangelation)’, the savage ‘Stigmata Excruciation’ howls with insanity, with grinding riffs of poison clawing for your throat. Maddening solos squeal amongst relentless drum battering, while unhinged screaming vomits unholy blasphemies. ‘Unfurl the Banners of Evil’ is particularly fierce; waves of hurricane force death metal, laced with venomous black metal savagery flood your synapses as the double hit of ‘Flayed Angels’ and the frantic ‘Exalted Blasphmous Trinity’ follows.

The endless and inhuman battery that comes raining from your speakers like balls of fiery death is exhausting. Your battered and broken corpse may still be in one piece by the time ‘The Horns of Power’ closes this record, but if that’s the case, spin it right round again. You’ll be the happiest dead person out there. Crurifragium are pure, unadulterated hatred.

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