Review: Morbid Messiah – In the Name of True Death Metal

Posted: December 31, 2016 in Reviews
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Morbid Messiah - In the Name of True Death Metal

Guess what this EP sounds like? That’s right, ticking almost every box in the ‘death metal rulebook’, from song titles to album cover to that frankly brilliant EP title. Morbid Messiah hail from Mexico and are probably the most death metal thing you’ll hear in what’s left of 2016. This is out through Godz of War Productions now!

From the guttural ‘Intro’, you get an immediate idea of what to expect. This is relentless punishment, a schooling in proper brutality. The manic ‘I Am Your Lord’ with its sickening, frantic bloodletting, the rampant ‘Putrid Voices’; when Morbid Messiah get going, they are loathe to stop even for breath. You’ve got 22 minutes to survive a band that sound like the rampage of the undead. Their Bandcamp bio proudly states no ‘boring gore, trendy Swedeath worship or tired Tampa tropes’ and that’s really what you’re getting here. No scene following, no trends, just rabid, filthy death metal of a primal persuasion.

Sure, there is dashes of Entombed in their guitar work, and the likes of ‘From Human to Fiend’ does smell a little like first record Deicide, but Morbid Messiah don’t copy anyone. They play no frills, no bullshit death metal for those of us that still look out for that kind of thing. The riffs are like rusted scythes, swinging for victims left and right. The unholy guttural vocals are poison to your ears, and their energy is virulent. Feel the ancient, lumbering power behind the excellent ‘Condemned to Hell Sores’ and be ready. Morbid Messiah are here to slay all in their wake. Which means you’ll never be disappointed by these guys. True Death Metal indeed!

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