Review: Bergwacht – Jagd

Posted: December 17, 2016 in Reviews
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Gloomy German black metallers Bergwacht are having their ‘Jagd’ debut released through the excellent Carvetii Productions on cassette, and I found this a great opportunity to reassess their debut from last summer.

The grinding title track opens this EP, with a relentless burning slab of traditional black metal fury. But this feels like a false dawn for the behemoth ‘Vormachtsstellungen’ that follows. Opening with an ominous hum, a lonesome melodies lurking barely audible in the gloom. A cold guitar line builds a melancholic journey upwards; a movement from isolated forests towards a cold grey sky. It feels like the hypnotic riff will go on forever, until dark ambience rolls in and takes us to a looming conclusion.

Finishing with ‘Schlucht’, a more traditional propulsive black metal song with a scathing vocal, and the melancholic yet melodic ‘Outro’, ‘Jagd’ instantly stands out because it is different. Most BM bands don’t go for a 14 minute instrumental/ambient track on their debut, and with musical chops like this, Bergwacht will hopefully go far.


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