Review: Infamovs – Under the Seals of Death

Posted: December 16, 2016 in ALERT: Awesome new music, Reviews
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Chilean lords of darkness and death Infamovs have exploded onto the international scene with ‘Under the Seals of Death’, their debut full length that is gracing us early next year through the fantastic and always reliable Memento Mori label. ‘Under the Seals of Death’ is a half hour exercise in what death metal, South American style, is all about.

Opener ‘Into the Death’  is typical of the whirlwind howl that prvades this record from the start. A howling, deathly wind tunnel of a song where dense riffing curls around morbid growls to satiate even the most hungry for death. There’s traces of early Floridian death metal, particularly Deicide in the guttural rage of ‘Impure Plagiarisms’, but the innate ferocity and uncompromising brutality is pure South America. The battering carnage of ” is a personal highlight; it grabs straight to the jugular and aims for the kill.

The irresistable drive of Infamovs to steamroll all those who stand in the way is achieved purely through their chunky, deathly riffage that both enraptures and invigorates with each listen. ‘Gods of Pestilence’ thunders along like a lost Vader track, with devastating simplicity as the rumbling influences of Bolt Thrower sneak into ‘Interlude’.  And yet, you may never hear this album because of where it is made etc. But ‘Under the Seals of Death’ is looking to be the first essential record of 2017. Crushing, deathly glory!


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