Review: Dawnbringer – XX

Posted: December 12, 2016 in Reviews
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Dawnbringer - XX

Dawnbringer’s new EP, ‘XX’ is dedicated to death, which seems to work well with the decaying bleakness on the cover art. Musically it captures the gloomy heavy  metal of their last record, ” and it is out on Ektro Records just in time for Christmas.

Opener ‘Why Would You Leave Me?’ opens with beautiful clean guitar and a mournful refrain which just drips with emotion. Dawnbringer have this knack of pulling these little special moments out, and they nail one straight out of the gate. ‘Into the Maze’ is another example of the melancholic thread that ties this EP together. A gloomy, propulsive piece that has this infectious hook, and while remaining decidedly dark is strangely uplifting.

‘North by North’ is a mid point epic that is almost Maiden worthy in its progressive execution. The despair that imbued the previous work with a grey murk seems to have dissipated slightly, allowing us to see more of vintage heavy metal band underneath. The haunting close to ‘North by North’ isn’t something that’ll leave me any time soon. In fact, ‘XX’ is a record I keep coming back to; its gloomy take on classic heavy metal is simply glorious.

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