Review: Far Beyond – A Frozen Flame of Ice

Posted: December 10, 2016 in ALERT: Awesome new music, Reviews
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Far Beyond - A Frozen Flame of Ice

I first came across Far Beyond a few years ago when I was scourng YouTube for some new record ideas, and came across their ‘An Angel’s Requiem’ record from 2005. I loved what I heard, and managed to find a CD copy of it for dirt cheap online. Since then, it has grown to become one of my unsung favourite records, so when I heard that we were finally getting a follow up, I was very excited. ‘A Frozen Flame of Ice’ is out now on Aeterna Records.

Opener ‘Evernight – Part I’ is an eleven minute plus epic, a free flowing masterpiece of melodic death riffs, symphonic elements and electronic additions. Imagine getting that new Wintersun without waiting until Jari finally finishes ‘Time II’. That’s the space that Far Beyond occupy; with a vast tapestry of melodeath riffery and gleaming symphonies enhancing each step. The soloing is enough to satisfy all guitar heroes, some of the melodies would make power metal bands jealous and it is all set in this beautifully clear production.

The gloriously soaring title track is a personal highlight, but it is difficult to get through this record in just one sitting. It is a record that hits with the shine and the technical chops first time round, then on repeated listens allows you to unlock its full potential. The snowy, fantastical vibe set off by the album art is personified beautifully in the tinkling start to ‘Last Farewell’, before a cold riff kicks in the blizzard. Far Beyond have really excelled themselves here to make ‘A Frozen Flame of Ice’ into one of 2016’s best records.

A tour de force of uber melodic, guitar widdling death metal with progressive moments, savage black metal rasps and symphonic support, ‘A Frozen Flame of Ice’ is a true melting pot of metal’s most infectious traits. I challenge anyone not to be empowered by listening to this.


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