Review: Xoth – Invasion of the Tentacube

Posted: December 9, 2016 in Reviews
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From the Pacific Northwest comes Xoth, and their debut full length ‘Invasion of the Tentacube’, a thrilling blend of Bal Sagoth, Vektor and Obscura. That basically covers everything even remotely extreme, fast and futuristic so you’ll have an idea of what you’re getting here. This is a self released venture, but I’m sure it’ll be picked up by a record company soon enough!

Opener ‘Tentacles of Terror’ is a thrashing, vicious piece of work with plenty of chugging, progressive death moments. Thick basslines dance around scowling vocals and a clattering, octopian drumming performance. Spiralling solos inject an extra sense of thrash into an album that tends to lean a bit more towards the avantgarde death of Atheist or Cynic. ‘Antediluvian Annihilation’ has some more obvious melodies within the technical carnage, as does the scintillating ‘Transcending the Energy Harvest’. If you stripped the Middle Eastern vibe of Melechesh, there would be a pretty good comparison there.

‘Digital Mausoleum’ flows with a muscular savagery, where solos tear alongside galloping riffs in a song that’ll probably rip its way into my top ten favourite songs this year. It is a tour de force of killers riffs, and uber melodic soloing. A perfect example of when genres clash together and come out shining. That is also very much evident in the soaring ‘Universal Death’, which opens with a melody that would cleave the sky.

‘Invasion of the Tentacube’ lacks the thick crunch of some progressive death metal bands, but their bone rattling assault is nevertheless absorbing, and technically astounding in parts. Flooded with thrashy melodies, glorious solos and moments of almost symphonic black metal grandeur, Xoth are a thrilling proposition. This record is well worth your time.


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