Review: Dysemblem – Strength of Giants

Posted: December 9, 2016 in Reviews
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The thunderous stomp of classic doom, death metal and heavy metal is all over the debut full length of British band Dysemblem, and they’ve self released it after three demos since their inception in 2012. If you like heavy as fuck riffs, this could be the band for you.

Opener ‘Down the Chasm’ comes out swinging with vicious Swedeath riffs, then settles into a massive lumbering groove. With a deep growl taking us deep into death/doom territory, you can feel a bit of Swallow the Sun, a bit of classic Winter sneaking in. Their more deathly moments comes to the fore in tracks like the grinding ‘Gourd of the Damned’, and the flailing ‘Hypnopompic’. Their vast doom riffs could come from any one of the legends, from the Candlemassian gloom of ‘Dysemblem’ to the gloriously guttural ‘Lost Paradise’ worship of ‘Gloria Victis’.

For a debut full length, ‘Strength of Giants’ is a remarkably assured, confident beast. The production is clear, allowing the strength of the simple yet effect guitar work to shine through. You get little extra bits with each listen, like the subtle Bolt Thrower influences in ‘Gourd of the Damned’, or the killer eldritch feeling in ‘Skull Cult’. Dysemblem could be one of the underground’s hidden gems for years to come, but they deserve a bigger audience than that.


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