Review: Suppressive Fire – Nature of War

Posted: December 3, 2016 in Reviews
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Suppressive Fire - Nature of War

Suppressive Fire’s last album was a fucking stormer; a rapid fire thrash record full of blinding riffs and solos and VINTAGE Bay Area influence up the ass. So it is with baited breath I have anticipated this, the North Carolinians’ new record ‘Nature of War’. Finally it has arrived, with a badass monochrome cover envisaging what lies beneath. It’ll be out at the start of 2017 on Lost Apparitions Records.

Suppressive Fire are a slicker, sleeker beast than last we heard from them. Ironically enough, their songs are rawer, more death-thrashy in most places but the song writing is what gives it away. Sure they come across as the bastard sons of Sodom and Slayer, but each track betrays a maturity and an intuitive knack for where to put certain riffs, melodies etc. Take the mid paced ‘No Man’s Land’ for example; rapid fire riffing is always accompanied by nuanced leadwork, while the short but sweet ‘Depraved’ is a thrashing burst of energy. There’s a constant restlessness about ‘Nature of War’; it is always striving to be free, to loose razorbladed riffs upon this world.

The 80s Metallica-esque beauty of album centrepiece ‘Dreaded Bastards’ is an ambitious yet effective measure of how far Suppressive Fire have come from their humble and raw beginnings. Quiet melodies soon melt into a torrent of molten guitar work and a twisting behemoth of a song. Following it with the rabid ‘Earth Ripper’ shows how Suppressive Fire can switch gears effortlessly. Solos spray notes like machines guns, while chugging riffs encourage vigorous headbanging and killer melodies cramp your hands into permanent invisible oranges.

‘Nature of War’ closes with the furiously Kreator-esque ‘Nuclear Dismemberment’, and Suppressive Fire have spent 40 minutes reminding us that thrash is alive and still killing. Their Teutonic influence comes to the fore in a much bigger way here, and that’s a definite good thing. Sometimes it is hard to find the words to properly tell you how an album makes you feel. Well, ‘Nature of War’ is best described in actions. *furiously bangs head and air guitars like a motherfucker*. BUY THIS FUCKING RECORD!


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