Review: Black Cilice – Nocturnal Mysticism

Posted: December 2, 2016 in Reviews
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Black Cilice - Nocturnal Mysticism

This mysterious Portuguese entity known as Black Cilice are dropping a brand new 7″ EP on the 16th of December, and are bringing out the darkest and most melancholic pieces of ancient Iberia. Out on Iron Bonehead, ‘Nocturnal Mysticism’ is looking like the perfect accompaniment to the band’s first ever live performance, on the same day in the Netherlands.

The first part of ‘Nocturnal Mysticism’ openers with a mournful melody encompassed by a cold wind, before a savagely raw riff cuts thrugh the gloom and begins to claw raggedly at your mind. Like a broken scream towards a frozen wasteland, Black Cilice create their own little space of loneliness and darkness. A clashing cymbal follows the dark riff to its inevitable conclusion. The second part is no less eerie; dissonant and nightmarish in its execution.

Black Cilice are a gloomy and violent entity that should remain mysterious for the good of mankind. If this type of blackness should ever get beyond the select few, it could be dangerous! Murky, dense and horribly dark, ‘Nocturnal Mysticism’ is blackness incarnate. Are we chosen few blessed or cursed…?


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