Review: Sadism – Alliance

Posted: November 28, 2016 in Reviews
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Chilean death metallers Sadism are onto their seventh full length in a career spanning almost 30 years. ‘Alliance’ came out at the tail end of last year, and is a fiery violent slab of death metal. Their potent blend of Immolation heaviness and the ferocious assault of prime Morbid Angel is fearsome, and it will hopefully be the record that moves Sadism out of that hidden underground gem catergory.

Opener ‘Conversion’ is a perfect example of how Sadism work. Blasting, raging deathly riffs rain down upon you relentlessly, with dense chugging and furious fretwork. ‘Treblinka’ is another chugging beast, and the obvious Floridian influence runs deep within Sadism’s riffing. The South American death metal style isn’t as prevalent as that thick American style, and it makes for a refreshing shattering of preconceptions. There’s nothing fancy or overly technical about ‘Alliance’, but the pure simplicity of it is intoxicating.

Dense Immolationisms surge through the twisting, serpentine ‘Scroll’, while some serious Bolt Thrower worship sneaks into ‘Mother of Prostitutes’. Sadism’s main strength is their ability to combine all the most effective parts of death metal without becoming stale or overly repetitive. Death metal is death metal, but ‘Alliance’ is a record that invokes much headbanging and invisible oranges. Thoroughly enjoyable!


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