Review: Noise Trail Immersion – Womb

Posted: October 29, 2016 in ALERT: Awesome new music, Reviews
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Noise Trail Immersion are a five piece Italian band that collaborate on a chaotic blend of progressive/death/math metal that defies logic and categorisation at points as ‘Womb’ spills like fire from your speakers. If you appreciate challenging brutality, then this stuff is definitely for you.

After the howling, ethereal rage of opener ‘Border’, scattergun riffing sprays carnage in the atonal riff-plosion of ‘Somnis’. Imagine if the Dillinger Escape Plan met Ulcerate head on with dashes of Psyopus in there, you’d have a good idea of where we are going with this. ‘Womb’ is a record that is full of moments of glorious melody and jarring jazzy breakdowns. Notes pile on top of each other, while rabid roars grasp for help. ‘Light Eaters’ is almost straightforward in parts, with some glacial post metal melodies gleaming through.

‘Placenta’ spirals almost grind like madness into mathcore chaos, while the ominous gloom of the title track provides a sinister change of pace from the more frenetic moments. ‘Organism’ is a instant favourite, providing the carpet bombing while still keeping moments of melody at the forefront. The jarring ‘Ipnagogic’ makes for an uneasy listening experience, while bug-eyed madness infests the furious ‘Tongueless’. There’s a variety and an enthusiasm here that is positively brimming, and the slow burning build of closer ‘Birth’ encapsulates everything good about the previous half hour.

Noise Trail Immersion are refreshing change from identkit extremity that can become apparent to music reviewers. Their adventurous spirit is infectious, and their music is both a challenge and a reward for those dedicated enough to unlock its true greatness.


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