Review: Battle Dagorath – I: Dark Dragons of the Cosmos

Posted: October 21, 2016 in Reviews
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This atmospheric black metal collective has achieved three excellent things before the music even plays; their name is great, their album title is better and their album art is instantly evocative of what we can likely expect from this piece. Battle Dagorath are a two piece USA/Germany collaboration, whose music explores the most distant parts of this dark galaxy we call home.

‘I – Dark Dragons of the Cosmos’ is the first of what plans to be a two course release, and while the eerie signals of ‘From the Black Sun’s Fire’ call from dark corners, invocations to the black serpent in the cosmos begin with ‘Phantom Horizons Beyond’. This is bleak, relentless black metal that barely lets up, nor changes focus. You’d describe it as ‘cold’ or ‘icy’, if it didn’t have a feeling of otherworldly death about it, like there was no concept of temperature in its world. There is distorted effects, and no little melody lurking within these riffs, and it adds a very evocative feel.

Ghostly incantations to great spirits of night flow through each black ritual, and with songs so long and complexity or variety required, Battle Dagorath step up. The gloomy acoustics and keyboard that load the middle of ‘Return to Gates of Dawn’ with such emotion bears stark contrast to the rushing torrents of riffing that follow. The glorious space and melody of ‘Through the Rite of the Stars’ is a massive achievement, evoking the glacial darkness perfectly until the gradual comedown of ‘Transfixion of the Spheres’.

Battle Dagorath have created a glorious monument to the power of atmospheric black metal as an art form. The second part promises to be more than worth a listen, if they can maintain this level of craftsmanship. Futuristic yet fiercely traditional in its ethos, ‘I – Dark Dragons of the Cosmos’ praises silent unmentionable evil, with beautiful bleakness.


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