Review: Orobas – Arise In Impurity

Posted: October 16, 2016 in Reviews
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Bangladeshi blackened death metallers Orobas hail from Dhaka, and their new EP ‘Arise In Impurity’ comes to us from the underrated Symbol of Domination label. It is seventeen minutes of ferocity and blackness the likes of which I’ve never seen from this part of the world, and I like that!

After the eerie, almost occult organ and synthy intro, the machine gun precision of opener proper ‘The Ravana’ becomes ragingly apparent. But this is no one dimensional thrasher. ‘The Ravana’ oozes with miasmic darkness, with riffs that loom in and out of shadowy places with liberal doses of Behemoth-esque blasting. There’s something about the keyboard use that adds a little unease about what the end result may become, which enhances the release. Without something setting them apart, Orobas may have got lost in the mix somewhat.

‘Lord Ramesses’ has an early Venom vibe to it, while the nasty riffing in ‘Bad Blood Hunter’ is very tasty. Orobas have got a lot of potential to become something very special. My only real criticism is that the production would benefit from being a thicker, to give the guitar work a little more body. But a commendable start!


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