Review: Kyy – Beyond Flesh, Beyond Matter, Beyond Death

Posted: October 12, 2016 in Reviews
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Kyy - Beyond Flesh - Beyond Matter - Beyond Death

Finnish black metallers Kyy (Finnish for viper) have returned with their debut full lenth folow up to the dark and evil ‘Travesty of Light’ EP, and what a full length it is. Presenting itself as an evolution of the blackness that infested their debut EP, ‘Beyond Flesh, Beyond Matter, Beyond Death’ is a different animal altogether.

Gloomy intro aside, the fiery ‘Legio Serpenti’ is an excellent beginning to an album that twists and turns as it progresses. ‘Legio Serpenti’ seems pretty straightforward at first, but peering into its dark depths reveals a swaying, demonic slant. ‘Death Within’ is also fairly relentless, but there’s a more mid paced assault on there; something a bit more regal and icy cold hits at the more mid paced level for black metal. That savagery rears its head on the fearsome ‘Panta Rhei’, as well as the glacial ‘Lord of the Desolate Paths’.

Kyy capture a bit of that traditional Finnish melancholy as well, but the appearances of that are a lot more subtle. The aforementioned ‘Lord…’ has an excellent slice of gloom underpinning the harsh black metal above. Kyy’s evolution from their debut comes mainly in the maturation of their songwriting, and the additions of badass riffery like the scathing ‘Bloodline of Edom’, or the passionately bleak ‘Destroying Tiphareth’. Kyy’s work is savage yet cold, fiery and intense but there’s always this atmosphere of morbidity about it.

I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Beyond Flesh, Beyond Matter, Beyond Death’, as it absorbed the lessons learnt from the excellent ‘Travesty of Light’ debut and put them to work crafting a record full of teeth, blood and rage, coated in a cold and lonely atmosphere. Excellent.


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