Review: Infant Death – Violent Rites

Posted: October 8, 2016 in Reviews
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Norwegian thrashers Infant Death have captured pure fucking armageddon on ‘Violent Rites’, their third full length since forming in 2012. Their first two demo tapes got rave reviews, and ‘Violent Rites’ looks to cement their status as a glowing light in the underground of thrash. I mean, look at those metal as fuck song titles, how can you go wrong with a song called ‘Vomit Funeral’?

Rampant blackened thrash begins with the scathing ‘Troops of Dead’, which cycles classic early Sodom riffs laced with Bathory attitude and a punkish, Venom style rhythm. ‘Vomit Funeral’ is a toxin spraying explosion of pure, black carnage, as is the bug eyed intensity of ‘Burning Wild’. Infant Death play at breakneck speed, and their raw, primal thrash is invigorating in its single minded intent. You’d be hard pushed to find a more ‘straight to the jugular’ track this year than the fiery ‘Mutilation Hammer’, and each track has some blazing wild solos jammed in too.

Norway is also recognised for its contributions to black metal, but there is a vibrant and fiery thrash scene blossoming there too. Perhaps it is the ferocity of their corpsepainted friends that inspire such violence, but Norwegian thrash always has that extra bite to it. Infant Death is a tremendous example of just that, and ‘Violent Rites’ should be on every headbanger’s playlist!


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