Review: Bestialized – Termestella Cvltvs

Posted: October 8, 2016 in Reviews
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South America. Columbia to be more precise, and a blackened death metal band called Bestialized. So you can feel what you’re about to experience, before you press play. This is the band’s third record of uncompromising, unhinged savagery, and it is out now on Satanath Records. If you’re into Impiety or early Krisiun, these guys are for you.

The gloomy melody that emerges from murmering insanity in ‘Harvest Throes’ immediately explodes into fiery carnage in ‘Hell’s Gateway Abattoire’, which is chock full of clattering blasting, rusted scythe riffs and a throat shredding vocal. But Bestialized aren’t just short, sharp shocks. Their songs are longer than average for this style, and it isn’t a gimmick; the music is always vital and energetic. Imagine if Slayer had been from Bogota, not California, and you can imagine the kind of top notch songwriting here.

I particularly enjoy the mayhem and slower sections of the excellent ‘Everlasting Mark of Uroborus’, and the brilliantly titled ‘Cosmic War Maggot’ that thrashes like someone set it on fire. Their aesthetic may be black, but Bestialized are rampant death/thrash at its finest. Sounding quintessentially South American (no bad thing), but yet with enough of an identity and a maturity to stick out from the more primitive crowd, Bestialized are fucking great.

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