Review: Celestial Grave – Burial Ground Trance

Posted: October 2, 2016 in Reviews
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Celestial Grave - Burial Ground Trance

Iron Bonehead have been unearthing these underground gems for years, and hidden within dark Finnish soil come Celestial Grave. A two man black metal band that, on their demo release ‘Burial Ground Trance’, express that genre with style and excellent song writing. It is available now on cassette tape, for those of you who wish to light the candles and spin this ode to dark and mysterious places.

Opener ‘The Heartbeats Drum’ has a dark, dense black metal riff that is thick and peppered with blasting. Snarling vocals are par for the course in black metal these days, but these are particularly primal which is great. There’s that traditional Finnish melancholy seeping into each melody, pushing the sound towards the gloomy. The closing solo and melody is incredibly evocative and hypnotic, while ‘The Bearer of Death’ pulses with the broken, bloodied menace of vintage Satyricon.

The title track closes out this tape with energetic traditionalism, invoking necromantic rituals and arcane black magic. Sometimes it’s difficult to express just exactly why you like a record. Not this though. ‘Burial Ground Trance’ is unashamedly Finnish black metal and it wears its black heart on its spiky sleeve. The gloomy melodies are as important as its necro credentials, and Celestial Grave balance both beautifully.



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