Review: Chiral – Gazing Light Eternity

Posted: October 1, 2016 in Reviews
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Chiral - Gazing Light Eternity

I’m a big mark for Chiral’s work. This one man Italian emotion machine has been churning out heart wrenching atmospheric black metal for a few years now, from the rudimentary beginnings of ‘Abisso’, through the glorious realisation of the genre in ‘Nightsky’. His new release, ‘Gazing Light Eternity’, is going to out at the end of October, and is yet another evolution in Chiral’s sound.

Divided into four parts, ‘Gazing Light Eternity’ is a deft mixture of soothing dark ambient and soaring black metal. Opening with ‘The Gazer’, which builds a cold lonely riff into a murky, depressive rhythm which gradually becomes infested with gloomy melodies. Chiral always love to build that darkness, allowing the songs to breathe, expand and soar with aplomb. Everything is done with care and attention, so even the most rasping, savage moments seem positively beautiful. That’s only the first track as well, but it encapsulates everything that I love about the band.

The classic black metal guitar tone never gets lost either. Sure there’s many moments of tranquil calm, wth acoustic guitar or ambience taking over, but the vintage guitar buzz is mostly prevalent. That’s a highlight, because sometimes the ‘black metal’ part of atmospheric black metal can get lost. ‘The Haze’ is for the most part gloomy dark ambient, with melancholic samples and acoustic guitar throughout. ‘The Crown’ combines the mournful piano we’ve encountered before with harsh, slow black metal that hypnotises you with images of lost forests in fog, or drizzling skies. Ending it with a frenzied, fiery blasting session into soulful lead guitar is perfect.

Closing with the ethereal ‘The Hourglass’, Chiral have done it again, producing another piece of black metal not afraid to show its naked pain, emotion and will to be different. Expertly written and performed, this sits well in their discography and confirms their presence as my preferred choice of atmospheric black metal listening.

  1. teochiral says:

    Amazing, thank you mate!

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