Review: Fetid Zombie – Epicedia

Posted: September 14, 2016 in Reviews
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Mark Riddick’s work is synonymous with underground death metal, and his latest venture with Fetid Zombie is no different. Decidedly old school, this is a death metal record that encapsulates everything you could want in something that praises the darkest beasts of death and decay. It is out in November on Transcending Obscurity.

It becomes difficult for me, after a while, when I review all these high quality death metal records, to find new and interesting ways of describing my thoughts on this music. But ‘Lowered Beneath’ opens a record that gives me few such qualms, with its sharp melody line leading straight into a bass-led deathly rumble. Instantly recognisable vocals belch from ancient caverns, while the guitar lines are complex and entwine with obvious bass guitar work. I always enjoy it when the bass guitar is front and centre in places, it reminds me of Death, Atheist and the like. The solo work is stellar as well, but it takes nothing away from the morbid crawl.

‘Devour the Virtuous’ and ‘Devour the Innocent’ are both cut from the same, diseased cloth. The guitar tone is thick, the edges are rusty and pestilence-ridden and the rabid, raw growls drag you to hell. There is however gloomy melody hidden in there somewhere, bringing to mind the gloom of early Paradise Lost or Amorphis. This isn’t a defiantly one dimensional record; there’s moments of an occult haze that creep in, particularly in the centre of ‘Devour the Innocent’.

In order to write music that stretches to almost ten minutes a track, you need to keep people focused. Fetid Zombie sound as if they’d be a simple smash and grab death metal band, but their music is complex, dark and terribly varied. Another example of why 2016 is turning out to be a banner year for the most heavy of music. This is awesome.



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