Review: Night Demon – Night Demon

Posted: September 10, 2016 in ALERT: Awesome new music, Reviews
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Night Demon - Night Demon

Holy shit, Night Demon are superb. Sorry, I’ve jumped straight to the end of the review here. An upstart Californian trio playing classic NWOBHM with energy and aplomb, their self titled debut will be rereleased by Shadow Kingdom Records on cassette at the end of October, and it looks great!

Opener ‘Night Demon’ is one of the most infectious pieces of heavy metal you’ll hear all year, inspiring fists in the air instantly. All the way through this, you’ll feel out of place without your patch vest, your hands cramping instinctively into the horns, and within two or threew listens, you’ll be singing along. The more reserved ‘The Chalice’ is pure Angel Witch worship, but dashes of classic Maiden, Diamond Head (whose ‘Lightning to the Nations’ is covered here, along with a superb Jaguar cover too), and others leads to a record of energy, of purest spirit.

‘Ancient Evil’ gallops with killer hooks, while ‘Ritual’ instantly feels like a live classic, before you even hear the live version later on in this tape. Night Demon channel the ghosts of the most raw, most primal moments of heavy metal, combining those vintage melodies with a youthful vigour that is excellent. This tape is going to get worn out when I get a copy, and you should definitely invest. A tribute to the days when metal was simpler, and better!


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