Review: Into Coffin – Into a Pyramid of Doom

Posted: September 10, 2016 in Reviews
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Into Coffin - Into a Pyramid of Doom

Terror from Hell Records have unearthed this underground gem from Germany, the mysterious Into Coffin and their debut full length ‘Into a Pyramid of Doom’. A traditional and almost ‘old school’ death/doom album, this deathly trio have created something unearthly and funereal here.

Opener ‘The Entrance’ is a spacey, eerie instrumental that builds this feeling of something outside our space, our awareness. Feedback hums into focus, with a density not far behind it. Building into the galactic crushing force of ‘Stargate Path’, a powerful rumbling slab of death metal that slows into a monolithic wall of riff. Speaking of monoliths, the vast title track is almost a perfect blueprint of how to create a death/doom song. First you take some crushing sloooooow riffs, then inject a bit of death metal brutality, then mix carefully with quality songwriting and unholy growls. Extend for 17 minutes, and repeat.

‘Into a Pyramid of Doom’ is a big, powerful piece of musical art. Death/doom by nature is repetitive, slow and inexorably heavy, but Into Coffin keep things moving with a sense of scale, dexterity and self awareness. Despite the likes of ‘The Deep Passage for the Infinity of the Cosmos’ stretching well over 17 minutes, at no point does the music lose its potency, its drive or its focus. It is focused on hammering you into the ground, crushing you under gravitational forces too big to comprehend and leaving you for dead. The other dimensional creatures featured on the album art are waiting out there for your death, and this album is the sound of their laughter, their madness, their thirst.

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