Review: Gargoyle – Reborn in Blasphemy

Posted: September 10, 2016 in Reviews
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Reborn In Blasphemy cover art

The most famous ‘scenes’ in metal mainly come from Scandinavia, Germany, the US and the UK. But metal is a worldwide commodity, and more and more there have been excellent bands in all genres coming from Italy. Home of the Roman Empire, cultural influence that has spread across the globe, great food, great people and some of the most exciting metal in years. Gargoyle are set to be the next name chiselled onto the Italian scene’s grand marble wall of achievements.

Despite taking their name from classic Dismember, Gargoyle are decidedlyy doom in their offerings, and their self released ‘Reborn in Blasphemy’ debut is being rereleased by Shadow Kingdom Records in October with a bonus track on cassette. Opener ‘The Lord of the Tentaculars’ has that familiar Italian doom feel; ancient, moss covered riffs hiding something most sinister and dark. Odd vocals convey both the madness and horrors of the music within, where blasphemous creatures lie waiting for their deaths. It is instantly unsettling.

The pervasive gloom of ‘The Highlander’ has more than a touch of early Sabbath and Pentagram about it, while strange incantations loom over the rumbling riffs. It’s like the soundtrack to some 70s horror movie, where you don’t really understand what is causing the fear, but it is tangibly there. The tolling bell of ‘Lady Dead’ leads in with an excellent, seasick riff, coupled with shapeshifting vocals that switch between a rasping growl and a melancholic moan. This is doom in its purest form, creating dark and unsettling fear and misery.

Gargoyle’s debut is an excellent example of not only Italian doom, but the genre’s most primal inspirations. Dark, dense and fear inducing, ‘Reborn in Blasphemy’ is a birth indeed, of something eldritch and mysterious.


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