Review: Throneum – Morbid Death Tales

Posted: September 7, 2016 in ALERT: Awesome new music, Reviews
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Throneum - Morbid Death Tales

Polish death lords Throneum are back again with yet more blackened brutality on Hells Headbangers. I’ve enjoyed their previous records, particularly the raging ‘Deathcult Conspiracy’ from 2009, and like a lot of Polish extremity, you know you’re going to get both barrels at 100mph. This is the 20th year of Throneum’s existence, and in that time they’ve released 39(!) slabs of hateful, deathly music into the underground of European metal.

Opening with the three part ‘Darkness of Another Circle’, Throneum’s MO has never changed from rabid, skull rattling carnage with mad vocal howls, clattering drums and a enveloping dark aura that smothers each track here. The rapidfire of ‘The Great Project of Satan’ wails with a screaming solo while unhinged vocals rage from within a torrid storm of blackened nightmares.It’s like ‘Deathcrush’ era Mayhem met Asphyx in a dark alley and decided to hatefuck each other.

The manic, relentless ‘Belial’ is a raw highlight, as is the creepier fuzz of ‘Cacus’. Throneum’s atmosphere generation is excellent, creating this thick fog within which lurks this frenzied beast, slavering for blood. Each song is a clawing, flailing, infectious beast, dripping with bile and toxic fumes. There isn’t anything original here, nor any progression from previous works, but that’s exactly the point. Throneum are deliberately one dimensional, and that dimension consists of pure evil. This record is excellent, and well worth your time!


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