Review: Whipstriker – Only Filth Will Remain

Posted: September 6, 2016 in Reviews
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Whipstriker - Only Filth Will Prevail

Brazilian speed metaller Whipstriker are one of those bands that fill their discography with shitloads of splits and EPs, building their style and their catalogue with hard work and time. Their latest full length, ‘Only Filth Will Prevail’, is their third, and being of Brazilian stock gives me the feeling that this is going to tear me a new one…

‘Waiting for the Doomsday’ is instantly infectious, with a simplistic but awesome riffing pattern that elicits instant headbanging. The following half hour is for those of us that have a soft spot for Venom, Mercyful Fate with the theatrics turned right down, or early NWOBHM bands where speed and solos were the focus. Whipstriker pull out all the most metal words for song titles too, with ‘nuclear’, bloodbath’, ‘hate’, ‘armageddon’ and of course ‘metal’ all making an appearance. The slightly slower ‘Flames of Hate’ is probably my favourite song here, with its more midpaced gallop setting it apart from the breakneck speed metal of the rest.

Whipstriker smash out some quality raw traditional metal here, with catchy riffs and rabid hooks keeping the air guitar fingers flying, and the heads thrashing! Available once again through Goatprayer Records, ‘Only Filth Will Remain’ drags you back in time to a place when metal like this rocked tiny, dirty clubs all around this world. A simpler, and sometimes better time, and Whipstriker’s music is a blissful retro smash and grab. Awesome!

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