Review: Hegemony – Demo MMXVI

Posted: September 6, 2016 in Reviews
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DEMO MMXVI cover art

Hegemony are a hellaciously raw death metal band that has come crawling from the fetid ruins of Birmingham, Alabama, and has been kindly presented to the masses by the great people at Goatprayer Records. This three track demo cassette is a bone rattling exercise in savage, violent;y primitive death metal.

Opener ‘No Throne Left to Topple’ is a rusty sickle swung hard and fast at those stupid enough to be in the way. A battering of Autopsy proportions awaits, while a gurgling, hateful roar fills your ears with dread and evil thoughts. Hegemony are truly vicious, their death metal caked in grime and filth, enschewing all of the modern technical moments to provide us with a vehemently old school assault.

The morbid crush of ‘Fist of Heretical Triumph’ is a highlight for me, but you could pick any point of this thirteen minutes bludgeoning and not find a single second of wasted motion. Hegemony are dark, raw and hateful as fuck. Just like every death metal demo should be. Excellent!


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