Review: Abigail – The Final Damnation

Posted: September 3, 2016 in Reviews
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Abigail - The Final Damnation

Japanese blackened thrashers Abigail are one of those bands that have more EPs, splits and singles than molecules. Their latest full length is ‘The Final Damnation’, which follows the general pattern of all these kind of records; it’s fast, it’s raw as fuck, and it’s likely poisonous to mankind. Nuclear War Now have supported them since their iconic debut in 2002, and have released this too.

The title track opens up with some classic NWOBHM lead guitar work, and then the speed kicks into overdrive. A rampant spattering of bloodied guitar riffs, throat shredding vocal screams and some absolutely killer solos make this an instant favourite. The production is nice and crisp, allowing the relentless ‘Blasphemy Night’ and the scorching ‘Open the Gates of Hell’ full license to shred without fear of anything getting lost in the murk. It’s great to see a band that hasn’t lost the beauty of the guitar solo in amongst a torrent of scorn and toxic riffs.

‘The Final Damnation’ is simply just over half an hour of filthy, punkish shredding coupled with a frantic drumming performance and a scowling, raspy vocal that completes the whole package. Songs like ‘Whiskey Coke Bitch’ and the raging ‘Sweet Baby Metal Sluts’ are stupidly good fun, and the whole album shreds like no one’s business. Great record from a great band!

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