Review: Hadit – Introspective Contemplation of the Microcosmus

Posted: September 2, 2016 in Reviews
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Hadit - Introspective Contemplation of the Microcosmus

Italian doom lords Hadit bring the crawling morbidity on their ‘Introspective Contemplation of the Microcosmus’, originally released on tape last year through Caligari Records, but now seeing a CD release through Terror from Hell Records. View this as a future peek at what their upcoming full length will hold…

A dense sludgy crawl emanates from the speaker as we get underway with ‘Occult Whispers Declare the Impending Apocalypse’, before a suffocating, windtunnel vocal voids itself from another dimension. Everything that one would look for in death/doom heaviosity is here, from the inhuman growl to the juddering chug of the riffs. Merely by chance, it’s also the third release that has clearly featured HP Lovecraft as an influence recently, and I guess this is why I enjoy it so much. I’m a huge Lovecraft guy, and anything that attempts to bring out the ‘sound’ of what his novels and stories are is ok in my book.

‘Reborn in New Flesh and Supremacy’ has this uneasy groove to it, that rears its head between a punishing drum performance, and belched vocals of black murk. The EP closes with the monstrous atonal unease of ‘Thirteen Plains of Nonexistence… Awaiting Kadath’, which may sound unwieldy but it is a perfect summation of everything good about Hadit; blasting, inhuman roars, skin crawling atmospherics and heavy, heavy riffing. This upcoming full length should be fantastic.



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