Review: Colosso – Obnoxious

Posted: August 28, 2016 in Reviews
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Colosso - Obnoxious

Portuguese death metallers Colosso have emerged from under their ancient, Iberian soil to unleash a Gorgutsian monster in ‘Obnoxious’, their new full length record. Playing a combination of industrial, unfathomably heavy death metal and obtuse melodies, Colosso have created something the likes of which you may never have heard.

Opener ‘In Memoriam’ is angular, brutal and generates feelings of unease with the rolling riffs. Imagine Deathspell Omega had taken up death metal rather than black, and you’d be on the right track. Dissonant guitars couple with a Fear Factory-like density smash through ‘The Unrepentant’, and the unbearably brutal ‘Of Hollow Judgements’ crushes everything in front of it with a Bolt Thrower like rumble. ‘Obnoxious’ is a record that flexes with unmitigated power. Death metal this deep and primal in nature is simply awesome.

‘As Resonance’ has a couple of softer, more industrial tinged moments that provide the briefests of respites before the hammering ‘Soaring Waves’ crumbles the earth with its epic breakdown. Colosso ploughs the deepest furrows for their riffs, creating this sound that I am totally absorbed by. The ominious hum of ‘Seven Space Collisions’ is shattered by the blasting force of ‘To Purify’, and that is the magic of ‘Obnoxious’.

It clashes together elements that appear so opposed in a way that feels like a natural mix. But there is something unnatural about this music, some otherworldly heaviness and oppression. Suffocatingly superb, and highly recommended.

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