Review: Aegeon – Devouring the Sun

Posted: August 25, 2016 in ALERT: Awesome new music, Reviews
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Aegeon - Devouring the Sun

Gloomy black metal from the depths of Finland that evokes that mid-90s intensity and raw feeling, Aegeon’s new record ‘Devouring the Sun’ feels like just that. A beast of smothering darkness that is indeed consuming the only light in our solar system. It is out  now via Elegy Records.

Classic black metal tropes begin almost immediately. Harsh rasping vocals, cold and bleak riffs with just the faintest of melodies sneaking within and a dark atmosphere. But Aegeon insert their own, gloomy atmospherics into tracks like ‘Art of the Terminal Metamorphosis’ or the gloriously bleak ‘Ephemeral’ that adds this wonderful feeling of hopelessness, of loss, of agonising misery. There is barely an increase in pace at any point, allowing the sorrowful riffing to create an absorbing record with acres of space.

These songs move like a sweeping rain, dousing us in a cold and depressing mood that permeates even the most positive thoughts. Each track becomes a lament to something long gone, and the ‘devouring of the sun’ is an apt metaphor for the growing fog of melancholy that envelops us. ‘Death Moves the Waves at the River Touni’ is my favourite track, but each piece is starkly beautiful in its execution. Recommended.

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