Review: Twilight Fauna: Fire of the Spirit

Posted: August 21, 2016 in ALERT: Awesome new music, Reviews
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Fire of the Spirit cover art

American blackened folk about the Appalachian mountains? Well, you’ve got me intrigued. It’s a wet day here at the Killchain headquarters, and on these days I get most enjoyment of black metal, gloomy folk etc so I think Twilight Fauna are likely to be in good company today. Multi-instrumentalist Paul Ravenwood handles everything here, and it is out on Fragile Branch Recordings now!

Exploring the snake handling rituals of a rural church in Appalachia, Twilight Fauna have put a lot of research and time into this concept, and the music conjures up a ritualistic, rural feel quite expertly. The building acoustics of ‘Walking with the Ghost’ leads into a lo-fi, buzzing black metal crawl that feels like a lost mountain path, overgrown and wet. This is a path to be trod alone, following the hypnotic drone of ‘A Green Moth in the Mist’ into darker climes. The soothing ‘Laying Out the Fleece’ leads into the haunting ‘Anointing Oil’.

‘Tongues of Knowledge’ opens with a babbling woman, leaving a rather disturbed taste in your mouth as crawling raw tar envelopes your senses. An intense bleakness is innate with all of Twilight Fauna’s music, and this is a perfect example. ‘Fire of the Spirit’ is a record of deep meaning, of evocative sound and glacial, stark beauty. I heartily recommend you seek it out


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