Review: Macabra – …to the Bone

Posted: August 21, 2016 in Reviews
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Macabra is a study in old school Scandinavian death metal. Not just the more famous Stockholm or Gothenburg ‘sounds’, but of classic fetid Finnish death as well, like the early days of Amorphis and Demelich. Before the sound became bastardised, watered down or copied so much it almost lost what made it special in the first place. Death metal artist icon Dan Seagrave has created the perfect cover painting for an album that creaks with primordial fear. The man behind the music, Mark Riddick, designed what Seagrave painted, and he has also designed a cracking record of death metal!

Opener ‘Death Speculation’ has that ancient, murky melody lurking in amongst the most vintage of death metal riffs. Macabra is one of the most authemtic ‘old school’ death metal acts I’ve come across; ‘…to the Bone’ genuinely reeks of that early 90s influence to the point where I had to check to ensure I wasn’t actually just listening to a lost gem from 25 years ago. I’m not. ‘Sadocrat’ has this excellent, almost wailing melody that incessantly burrows into your mind and won’t leave.

Primal brutality aside (killer vocals from Adrien Weber by the way), Macabra’s main strength lies in the dark and atonal leads that puncture each song and add that sense of the uneasy, of insidious evil. I love the wailing thunder of ‘Royalties on Murder’, and the rampant ‘Cannibal Black Market’ but you’d struggle to find a bad song here. This is excellent, authentic worship of death metal’s finest era, and taking influence of one of the most unsung areas.


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