Review: Godless – Centuries of Decadence

Posted: August 11, 2016 in Reviews
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Godless - Centuries of Decadence

Death metallers Godless are another new band for me to find coming out of the hotbed of quality metal in India. If you want to have an idea of how good these guys can be, know that this was mixed by Joel from Psycroptic who also contributes a solo in there too. That gives you a feeling what undead madness awaits…

While not as technically mind breaking as Psycroptic, Godless have a power about them, where death metal builds with machine gun drumming and an insidious melody that drifts within the growls of ‘Infest’. If you wanted a more accurate reference point, think of Deicide or even the evil looming presence of Immolation. The vocals are dense and potent, with some great extended roars, and the jagged riffing is fucking brutal. ‘Ossuary’ has a number of excellent moments, where the chug meets breakneck speed in a feeding frenzy of riffage, and the aforementioned guest solo is as kickass as you’d expect. Dark melodies infect this broken corpse like life giving lightning, reanimating and reinvigorating the fetid death metal beneath.

Despite the maturity of the songwriting and the interjection of genre luminaries, we must still remember that ‘Centuries of Decadence’ is merely the debut EP from Godless. This fact alone implies that bigger and better things are to come, and if they can improve on the likes of the rapacious ‘Replicant’ and closing savage ‘Oneiros’, then they’ll be doing pretty well. Love it, buy it, support this fucking band!



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