Review: Coedwig Machen – Wandering Eternal in a Dreamlike State

Posted: July 29, 2016 in Reviews
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Coedwig Machen - Wandering Eternal in a Dreamlike State

British black metal project Coedwig Machen (Welsh for Machen Forest, which provides inspiration for the music) are one of the most atmospheric bands I’ve come across in ages, and their glacial black metal is a breath of frosted air on a winter morning. I’d love to experience this, instead of the scorching, sweltering summer heat that we are receiving at the moment!

Opening with the tranquil title track, that builds with delicate melody before an icy black metal riff slices through the atmosphere and takes us up and outward from the snowy forest floor. Invoking wintry winds and that calm in between snowflakes, Coedwig Machen’s work is truly of primal beauty. It almost seems cliche for a black metal album this atmospheric to conjure up images of frozen wastelands, or the gently creaking forest boughs in winter, but it’s difficult to to imagine anything else when the graceful fury of ‘Hopelessness is All That is Laid Before Me’ snakes and soars its way through your ears.

Coedwig Machen are a band I keep coming back to, and this release is one of those that sums up everything superb about atmospheric black metal. Harsh but beautiful, ‘Wandering Eternal in a Dreamlike State’ is a triumph for British black metal.


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