Review: The Shiva Hypothesis – Promo 2015

Posted: July 24, 2016 in Reviews
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The Shiva Hypothesis - Promo 2015

Dutch death metallers The Shiva Hypothesis dropped their demo recording last year, and have kindly sent me a copy for review. They market themselves as for fans of Behemoth, Gorgoroth, Death and Immortal; bands that I rate very highly so I’ve got a bit of anticipation for this.

Opener ‘Caduceus’ brings a very potent Behemoth vibe, with brutal death metal clashing with harsh black metal atmosphere. Big chunky riffs hit with a waspish intensity, while vocalist MvS gives a throat shredding performance. There’s some prime, almost imperial black metal sections that really slay as well, and you get a feel for the blackened majesty underneath. The eerie vocals that open ‘Praedormitium’ lead into the most interesting, sidewinding track on this demo; a piece that is almost as much about causing uncomfortableness as it is about riffs.

Closing epic ‘Maze of Delusion’ has more than a bit of ‘Ruun’-era Enslaved about it, with progressive sections blending seemlessly into the ferocious and hypnotic black/death. The Shiva Hypothesis have written some impressive material here, with songs that are rich in depth of musicianship and never get boring. Fearsome vocals mingle with interesting riff patterns, and that intangible something that makes me want to listen again. Superb


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