Review: Dakhma – Passageways to Daena

Posted: July 19, 2016 in ALERT: Awesome new music, Reviews
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Esoteric Swiss demons Dakhma thrilled me with their jarring blackened death upon their last EP, ‘Asiwhad-Zohr’ recently, and ‘Passageways to Daena’ is a reissue of their debut record out on Godz Ov War Productions, complete with two new tracks. This is more spiralling down the hellish rabbit hole, the hideous scraping of the endless void.

Opener ‘Barashnum (Defiled by Dead Flesh)’ is a black hole of Portal and Mitochrondrian madness; a space filled with blackness and insanity. Intensely dense in its execution, with but the barest of melody emerging through waves of hellish noise and murk. This is ugly and dissonant music, designed for a bloody, back alley brawl between Lovecraftian entities. The savage ‘Ascension’ and the esoteric ‘Ascension II’ is a one two hit that will melt into your mind and start dissolving synapses.

‘Passageways to Daena’ is an expression of pure nihilistic intent, sitting somewhere in between Blut Aus Nord’s grimy black weirdness and the howling wind tunnel of Portal. The ambient sections are equally unsettling, such as on ‘Chinvat’, which thrums with a malevolent power hidden deep within the earth. Dakhma may have strived for many things during this recording, but creating one of the most unsettling albums I’ve heard in ages must’ve been high on that list. ‘Passageways to Daena’ is a place you must fear to tread, but tread you must…


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