Review: Wired Anxiety – The Delirium of Negation

Posted: July 15, 2016 in ALERT: Awesome new music, Reviews
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The first new release out of India I’ve reviewed in a while, but Wired Anxiety’s four track gospel of brutality is an absolute doozy. Unsurprisingly it’s been pushed by Transcending Obscurity, where Kunal can be trusted to come up with the best music that the area has to offer. Wired Anxiety look to be the next in a long line of future stars.

Opener ‘Test Subject Human’ writhes with rage; a flailing beast of modern, cutting edge death metal. There’s hints of Hypocrisy, Origin, but sewn together with an old school brutality that brings to mind the more visceral Suffocation albums. There’s devastating double kicks, savage vocals and more than a dash of catchiness about the raging ‘Heavily Sedated’. ‘Severe Comorbidity’ is gutturally heavy, and the band are possessed with this undeniable energy for what they do.

‘Focus 22’ closes this mini album with a final slice of high quality brutality. If Wired Anxiety can follow this up with more precise, inventive and powerful death metal, then they have a very bright future. ‘The Delirium of Negation’ is excellent, and you should get yourself some!


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