Review: Malamorte – Devilish Illusions

Posted: July 12, 2016 in ALERT: Awesome new music, Reviews
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Malamorte - Devilish Illusions

Based in Rome, Italy, this is the second release from blackened heavy metaller Malamorte and the first full length album. Coming out on Satanath Records, another label with a reputation for high quality shit, this is also marked for fans of King Diamond and Mercyful Fate. I’m in so far…

The eerie ‘Maleficium I’ opens with buzzing ambience, before the blasting title track comes roaring in. If I’m honest, I’m not getting a lot of the Mercyful Fate or King Diamond link that the press release suggested, but there is definitely some weird occult noises appearing from behind solid black metal. There is a vintage heavy metal vibe lurking in there too, but this is a bit more Mayhem than the King etc.

That is in no way to come across as a bad thing. I’m in a bit of a black metal kick at the moment, and the icy riffs that spill out of tracks like the superb ‘Possession’ are excellent. The eponymous ‘Malamorte’ track is a looming, horror infected track with a killer underlying riff pattern. ‘Devilish Illusions’ is a solid black metal album, with a couple of heavy metal licks and a gloomy, occult atmosphere pervading each song. Enjoyable if not mind blowing, I look forward to hearing more!


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