Review: Grace Disgraced – Lasting Afterdeaths

Posted: July 5, 2016 in ALERT: Awesome new music, Reviews
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Russian progressive death metallers Grace Disgraced are keeping the spirit of classic Death alive, and Chuck would be proud to listen to their latest effort, ‘Lasting Afterdeaths’, out now on Razed Soul Productions. If you are into classic Florida death with adventurous fretwork and brutal vocals, then Grace Disgraced might just be for you.

Opener ‘Grave Among the Stars’ emerges with urgent, jagged riffs and a lengthy, angry sample in what I presume is Russian, before the growls kick in. Musically, you’re getting classic tropes of progressive death; spiralling melodies accompanying a selection of great riffs and a progressive streak a mile wide. While always twisting and changing, Grace Disgraced never come across as overly ‘muso’ or impenetrably complex. Tracks like ‘Childhood of the Dead’ or the rampant ‘Part of the History’ display a keen awareness that headbang inducement is as important as technicality.

Grace Disgraced have put together an album full of interesting, complex songs wih equal parts fret wizardry and headbanging death groove. ‘Lasting Afterdeaths’ keeps the spirit of early 90s prog death alive, from latter Death through Atheist and Pestilence. This is a band who can pay homage to those greats, yet keep their own music interesting and energising enough to warrant repeated listens. Just feel the intensity of ‘Captured in Snow’ or the epic closer ‘What Hide the Woods of Gevaudan’ to see what Grace Disgraced bring to the table. Excellent.


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